PCD Pharma Franchise Business

PCD Pharma Franchise Business

PCD stand for Propaganda cum Distribution. This marketing term is used in Pharma Industry. This segment of business provides lots of opportunity for both PCD Pharma Company and Pharma Franchise. In the agreement of franchise it is stated that right of marketing and sales given to the franchise company to increase sales and profit of the product in given territory.

The PCD business segment is not new to the industry and still it is becoming one of the best profitable businesses. It is like to franchisee business. The only difference is overall size of business. In pharma franchise large units need large target and investment also it operates for bigger area but PCD business works only for small area and less units with no targets and small investments.


    Good growth and better working results are main advantage in PCD Pharma industry
  • Especially for individuals who are searching for beneficial business deal.
  • Companies from small and medium segment can get access to marketing and production by working as per this type of model.
  • It provides more returns with fewer amounts of investment and risk.
  • No dispute over planning, investment and marketing strategy.
  • Get support from stable pharma company
  • Freedom to take own business decisions
  • Business growth depends on own marketing efforts and work


PCD Pharma Franchise business also depends on the working of distributorship. They can be also subdivided according to scope of business

The division of this business has large scope and involves different profiles from medicine, Ayurvedic and homeopathic distributor, surgical distributor, OTC distributor, chain Pharmacy and health supplement distributor.

PCD pharma franchise business also includes profiles of chemist as well as the retailers. The scale includes medical pharmacy which in turn covers hospital area, pharmacy covers residential areas.